Month: December 2022

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Result And Statistics of Esports in Malaysia

For the past few years, esports has been on the rise globally with more and more people getting involved in playing and watching these competitions. In Malaysia, the popularity of esports in Malaysia has also grown tremendously with many local tournaments being held annually. As the industry continues to grow, it is interesting to see […]

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All About Esports betting: Recapping The Market

Esports betting is a rapidly growing industry that is only going to continue to grow in popularity. In this blog post, we will explore all the basics of esports betting, from the market trends to the different types of bets. We will also provide a recap of the most recent esports events and discuss how […]

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The advent of esports in Malaysia

Esports in Malaysia has been an interesting development for the nation. Esports has become a hot topic amongst young people in Malaysia and many have embraced it as a form of entertainment. The esports industry has grown significantly in recent years, with more tournaments, leagues and teams popping up all over the country. In addition […]

The Untapped Potential of Esports in Malaysia

Esports is a rapidly growing industry that’s only going to continue to grow in popularity. As the world becomes increasingly connected, so too does the esports industry. There are now tournaments and games for just about every platform and genre imaginable, making Esports an expansive and diverse market. Malaysia is a country with a population […]