The Women Lawyers Division of the National Bar Association
The Women Lawyers Division of the National Bar Association





Chair: Rosalyn Henderson
1st Vice Chair: Professor Rachel J. Anderson
2nd Vice Chair: Valencia Rainey          
Recording Secretary: Desiree Boykins
Corresponding Secretary: Valerie Cartwright
Treasurer: Mary Melchor
Parliamentarian: tbd

Immediate Past Chair: Monica Dula
Board Members-at-Large 

Shammara Henderson

Camille Bryant

Shelley Fullwood

Alice Bonner

Antionette Barksdale

Joann St. George

Norma Hutcheson



Standing Committee Chairs 

Executive Committee: Rosalyn Henderson

Nominating Committee: 

Professional Development and Education Committee: 

Placement and Referral Committee: 

Budget Committee: Mary Melchor

Membership Committee: 


Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Retreat Committee: 

Breakfast Committee: Valencia Rainey

Respect Yourself Program Committee: 

Supreme Court Sewaring in Ceremony Committee: Iris McCollum Green

Communication Committee: Rachel Anderson

Fundraising Committee:

Constitution and Bylaws Committee:


Ex Officio

Immediate Past Chair: Monica Dula

NBA President: Kevin Judd


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