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Esports Games: From Arcade Game to Multiplayers Game

The development of esports. From classical arcade games, to console games, multiplayers games, and now an esports event which is popular worldwide.

Esports Games: From Arcade Game to Multiplayers Game

Esports, a new kind of sport or a new industry across sports and technology.

Esports games evolved from the multiplayers games, which were practised by mostly teenagers as leisure or pastime activity, however, esports is now acknowledged as a formal sport, which competed in major sports worldwide, including two times of the SEA Games, and the coming Asian Games 2022.

Esports have also been held as major competitions or tournaments worldwide, which offered millions dollars of prizes, and got millions of live audiences in many countries including Malaysia.

The Development of Multiplayers Games

Esports were once the regular multiplayers games played by teenagers in the cyber cafes or their own houses, which played online games while communicating or cooperating with their teammates. With the improvement of the games developers and the equipment such as computer systems, network, graphic resolutions and gaming performances, multiplayers games are becoming more exciting, fancy and more game strategies and features, hence advanced into esports.

Pros of Esports: Cooperation and Interactive

Video game industry has varied from the classical arcade games, to console games, online games, multiplayers games and now esports games.

Esports has its strengths and advantages compared to the arcade games or offline console games. In an esports event or competition, the team players have to cooperate and discuss with each other to perform the strategy or mission in the game. These interactions could improve the communication skills among players, and also improve the leadership among them.

An active esports player could also make friends and join the esports community, while enlarge their social network. There are many groups or social media pages of esports in Malaysia which allow players to interact with each other.

Esports: A Career and Income Source

From the multiplayers games which were treated as leisure activity, esports is now a new industry which contributes to career and source of income.

A player who practises esports into professional level, could make this as their career, and serves a team to play in every esports event and esports tournament. They could gain revenue from the prizes and rewards of those competitions, furthermore, made their reputation in esports.

A Chance to Join Esports in Olympics!

Yes, an esports player might have a chance to join the Olympics Games as well.

The esports event hasn’t officially been listed into the Olympics Games, however, since it had competed in two times SEA Games and the Asian Games, we can foresee that no longer after, an esports event could be a part of the Olympics Games to contribute gold medals. At that time, the players of esports in Malaysia can make our country proud by presenting themselves in the esports Olympics.

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