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As Of 2017, Estimated 100 Million Players In Esports Games Globally

Esports are video games played competitively by spectators and players. The most popular esports games are first-person shooters like Counterstrike, MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena games) like League of Legends and Dota 2, and real-time strategy games like Starcraft II. Online esports games can be played in a variety of settings: private homes, school cafeterias, public spaces, and even […]

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Betting On Esports Games: The Ultimate Guide To Betting On E-sports

The first step in betting on any kind of esports games is being thoroughly familiar with the game in question. If you don’t know how the game is played or who the participants are, then you don’t have a very good chance of winning a wager on an esports games. Make sure you have a […]

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Esports Games: A Guide To The World Of Competitive Gaming

An esports betting Malaysia game is a video game that is played competitively as an organized, usually team-based activity. As this exciting industry continues to grow and develop, more people are becoming interested in esports as a career option or as a way to stay involved with gaming beyond casual play. If you’ve been curious […]

Esports Games Betting Guides: What You Need To Know

Esports gaming is a fast-growing phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity almost every day. With the growth of streaming services, online video games are more popular than ever. In addition, esports competitions continue to grow in popularity and viewership, leading many people to wonder if it’s also a good idea for betting on these […]

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Popular Form Of Multiplayer Game: Esports Games

Electronic sports, commonly known as E-sports, are events for competitive video gaming that are gaining more and more attention in recent years. Both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the gaming scene enjoy competing in the many esports games. The term “eSports” refers to tournaments that pit players against each other in the context of video games. […]

Quick Guide On Betting On esports games

Esports is a form of competition where professional players compete against each other in esports games. It’s big business now, with millions of dollars being paid out in prize money every year. There are even some people who make their living playing these games through esports betting. There are lots of different esports games: some […]

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Esports Betting Malaysia – An Overview Of The Industry

Esports betting is the act of placing bets on the outcome of an Esports match, league, or tournament. It’s a growing phenomenon that has now caught the attention of many casual bettors and Esports enthusiasts alike. There are now more than 250 million Esports viewers worldwide, and this number is only likely to grow in […]

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Finding a Good esports betting Strategy to Win Your Bet

It’s no secret that esports is the fastest growing sport in the world. With millions of fans worldwide and millions more who play it as a hobby, esports betting is becoming more popular every day. This guide will walk you through some key strategies for finding good bets on esports games so that you can […]

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How Betting On esports games Can Be An Excellent Way To Earn Money

Betting is a huge aspect of the e-sports industry. It entails putting esports betting on a match in which two or more contestants will compete. Many people are unfamiliar with this notion, which is not only simple but also quite lucrative. Betting on esports games is a fun way to earn money and is quickly […]