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Is Betting Popular Enough For esports in Olympics?

The Olympic Committee has been considering adding e-sport as a new category of esports in Olympics. There are some who are against this idea as they do not consider video games to be sports. However, I believe that esports should be included in the Olympics even if they may be considered video games rather than […]

An Overview For Newbies: The esports tournament

Video games are used as the competitive medium in esports tournament, which are events highlighting this form of competition. These competitions may be held live and online, collecting all participants in one location. Depending on the rules and competitive structure of esports tournament, multi-player teams and lone players have a role in eSports. Players and […]

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The popularity of online casinos all over the world

With the rising numbers in popularity of online casinos worldwide, the U.S.A and the U.K leading in the way in profits, Indians have joined in the race of online gambling. Users have steadily increased in both countries and states.. And now, even chances of esports in the Olympics are increasing, though Some have strict gambling […]

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Have A More Fun Online Betting Experience With esports in Olympics

All the buzz around the Olympics can make you want to place wagers on the games. In this year’s esports in olympics have become a popular betting option, and there are a number of sites to choose from. Defining your criteria is the first step in finding the best e-sports betting website for you. Knowing […]

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Bet Online Esports In Olympics: The Complete Guide

The Olympic games are coming to you live and in person. But will you be able to watch it? Esports are also part of the Olympic games and that means there’s a chance that esports might make it into the Olympics soon as well. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has already announced they’ll be […]

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Why esports in olympics Should Finally Happen Soon

The Olympics has changed over the years, as it now encompasses sports that test strategy, mental agility, and hand-eye coordination. Olympic committee officials have hinted that esports could soon be included in the list of official Olympic events. But can video games compare to more traditional Olympic activities? Given their popularity and the growing presence […]

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Esports in Olympics: Why Esports Should be in the Olympics

Esports is an exploding industry, with a viewership that rivals even the most popular traditional sports. But it’s also not an easy concept to explain — especially when you’re talking to someone who has never heard of it before. Esports is essentially competitive video gaming, where players compete against one another for fame and fortune. […]